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Our Comping & Online Recording service is the perfect solution for musicians and composers looking to take their music to the next level.

Our team of experienced session artists is available to help you bring your music to life, whether you need help with arranging, layering, or creating new parts.

Our online recording capabilities make it easy to work with us from anywhere in the world, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for all your musical endeavors. Choose our Composing Music and Session Recording service and let us help you bring your musical vision to life.


1 revision included.


Fill the form choosing the service you need.

After the purchasing you can go to the Upload page and send us all the audio files.


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    • What is a Mastering?
      It is the final step after get already mixed your song. The mix sounds low in terms of volume and can sound different depending on which support you are using, car, pc, hi-fi, monitors, headphones, earphones, etc. This because is missing the mastering process, the final step to reach the perfect tone and commercial levels to be sent on online digital distribution stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud etc) or physical stores in CD or Vinyl formats. With this process your mixes will sound as best as possible the audio support can!
    • Why 1 day and not instantly?
      We offer 1 Day Mastering Service! Well, we do not use any artificial intelligence to master your song, we simply use the "old" way, HUMAN EARS! We need 1 Day cause the song have to be listened by sound engineer to make any decision on the sound and how to build that, but in this way we can reach the best results.
    • Treatment?
      Usually when you have a bunch of songs we can decide to treat them like an Album or as Separated Single. But which are the differences? Well, is very simple, usually an album has an average of sound in the mix, so each songs should have same drum sound, same guitar sound, this way also the Mastering should be more over the same over the entire album, with of course some tweaking if used different instrument in differnt songs, but overall a similar mastering process. If you want to share then multiple singles so with very different sounds one from the others, then the Mastering process should be done one by one differently cause the frequencies of instruments used in each song are different.
    • Stereo or Stem Mastering?
      Stereo Mastering is the most common mastering service. It means that the file/song to be mastered is a "mixdown" in .WAV format. So basically is a song in stereo. Like a normal song. Stem Mastering is a new way to master your song. The song is divided in different "stems" (separated mixdown per each instru