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Our REAMPING SERVICE offers the ultimate sound experience with real amplifiers, boutique cabinets, and high-quality microphones.

We uses top-notch plugins to ensure that your music is brought to life with rich and authentic tones.

We will take your dry guitar tracks and run them through a variety of amplifiers until we achieve the perfect sound.Whether you're a musician or producer, our REAMPING WITH REAL AMPLIFIER service is the perfect choice for enhancing your sound and taking your music to the next level. With our services, you can be sure that your tracks will stand out and sound amazing. Don't settle for anything less than the best - try our REAMPING SERVICE today


2 revisions included.




  • Driftwood Purple Nightmare Amp

  • Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preamp

  • Randall Satan 120W

  • Framus Cobra

  • Marshall JVM410H

  • Supro Statesmann 1699RH

  • Panama Fuego

  • Neural DSP Quad Cortex

  • Kemper Profiling Amp

  • Headrush Gigboard


  • Walrus Audio ERAS

  • Walrus Audio ICON

  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse V3

  • Walrus Audio MIRA

  • Walrus Audio MELEE

  • Walrus Audio MAKO M1

  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Distortion

  • Jeff Loomis Devil's Triad All Pedal

  • Torpedo Captor X

  • Catalin Bread Cloak

  • Dophix Lussuria

  • Dophix Perseo

  • Dophix Paradiso

  • Dophix Michelangelo

  • Dophix Purgatorio

  • Zone Pedal Drive Over

  • IK Multimedia X-Drive

  • Taurus Amp Servo

  • Carl Martin Plexi Ranger

  • REVV G8

  • EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny


  • David Laboga PRO Series (Celestion V30 + K100 speakers)

  • David Laboga TIGHT Series (Fane Acoustic Mamzer 30)

  • Mad Steex Custom (WGS Gren Beret, WGS Retro 30, WGS Reaper HP, Eminence Delta 12A)

  • Lot of custom made Impulse Responses

Amp Plugins:

  • Neural DSP Archetype Plini
  • Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite
  • Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 5
  • IK Multimedia TONEX
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Roots
  • ML Sound Lab Amped ARK
  • ML Sound Lab Amped GNR
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Dual
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Flagship
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Fluff 2C
  • ML Sound Lab Amped ICON
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Oracle
  • ML Sound Lab Amped Super Duper
  • Positive Grid Bias Amp Professional
  • STL Tonality Will Putney


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After the purchasing you can go to the Upload page and send us all the audio files.


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